Google exactly what you're thinking!

As I travel the world both in business and for pleasure I end up speaking about ideas. People who have ideas, want ideas, heard an idea or would like to have an idea. These conversations gives me so much energy. People all over the world are craving to invent things, start a business, solve a problem and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur. Me, I guess you can call me a serial entrepreneur, attracts these conversations thanks to the fact that I’ve started multiple business, both within advertising, technology, construction, digital toys and more.
What makes me very surprised though is the fact that few people truly understands how technology impacts everything. And it starts with the most simple thing…They haven’t googled their own ideas.
These ideas they ventilate with me, when I say I’ve heard something like it before they cry out no! Their idea is unique, they’ve talked to a lot of people and no one heard about it. Or, I don’t understand what they mean. Then, as I bring up my mobile and quickly google the idea we’re speaking about and find a dosen solutions or similar ideas they’re instantly sceptical. “No, can’t be, I’ve found nothing like my idea”. As we continue speaking and I show them what I’ve found it turns out they didn’t even Google their idea. Let me make it clear, of course they’ve Google’d their idea but they don’t know how to Google so they haven’t found the links and similar ideas I found in seconds. Google answers your questions, not your keywords. Write full sentences. Write full questions. Remember to change the URL between a set of country specific URLs (ex .SE, .COM, .CO.UK etc) and more.
So, the next time your about to get going on that idea of yours. Google it as much as you can. If you end up not finding anything your idea might be truly unique.