How to convince someone that Internet has and will continue to change our lives

Twittervision 3D
I still meet people every now and then who are skeptical towards the Internet and what impact it has had and will have on our future. Being a true internet evangelist I off course try to save them and turn them into believers.
But as I bring my arguments forward people start to think I’m selling it not telling it. It makes them stay skeptical and me frustrated. The problem is often that it takes some degree of “nerdiness” to really understand the underlying layers of communication and possibilities that are already happening.
But then today I found Twittervision on Richard Gatarskis blog. I switched to 3D. And there it was. The optimum way to show how Internet can be global, connect people and do this through different tools and visualizations.
Twittervision 3D is a site that have used Google Map and Google Earth to show how but more important where people in the world interact with Twitter and each others.
This is TV for non belivers. Visit the page and switch to 3D. There! It’s in front of you. Get it?



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