How I Create

When I’m handed a problem, any kind of problem, I learn as much as I can about the subject. I do this as fast as possible as I wanna keep that fire burning. Then I start thinking about possible solutions, draw things on paper, write and design things on my computer and ad shapes to thoughts and ideas forming inside my head. I tend to come up with tons of solutions without really knowing which ones to go with. Then like seeds, I plant my those ideas somewhere in my brain and cover them with soil.
Then I wait.
Sometimes, for a day, sometimes for a week or two.
I wait.
I love this process. It’s like being lost but relying on your instincts to lead you home, sooner or later. I keep those ideas warm inside my head like a gardener nurtures his or her plants. I nurture, talk to and look after them until suddenly one them breaks through the soil. Then I pick it up and I run. Time is precious, if I want this idea to live I gotta move it to my greenhouse, my paper, computer or whatever I’m using to give the idea a body. There is no time to loose!
Create! Build! Come to life!
You see, ideas are great. They show us the way forward, they’re part of the map that guides us into the future and the unknown. But without making them happen they’re worthless.
Ideas can be stupid or good. Executed ideas however, they’re always great. Executed ideas have the power to change the world.
That’s my way of doing it. What about yours?