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Fashion de’luxe!
Today I was looking for some ideas on Down Jackets (as I’m a partner in a clothing brand…will get back to that another day ). Google. Push. Search. Bang. My browser explodes with all kinds of wonderful inspiration. A couple of clicks later I’m reading this Frensch blogger on clothing that have posted a series of scanned pictures from a Japanese magazine writing about downjackets from all over the world. I’m lost in that blog for half an hour. Great inspiration if you’re into fashion!
Summaly is one of my new sources of inspiration. Follow me if you’d like.
Before christmas I became addicted to Summaly. This Japanese community that just pours inspiration over me. It’s an online community with a simple yet great app that I open at least three times a day. In one way Summaly reminds me of the early days on the web. You can still find fantastic people who share great things here. It’s not bombarded with brand messages just yet.
The first time I followed a link back in 1993 something happened inside me. I think I fell in love with the fact that people all over the world had access to this world wide web and more importantly that all those people seemed to share their ideas and link to each other. Today I’m sad to see that a lot of people have forgotten about blogrolls, links and more. The spirit of linking is still alive in many places though.
Sharing is caring! Keep that in mind…or we might end up like it was back in the days when fat guys in grey suits filtered everything we had access to.