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  • The constantly growing world of inspiration needs to keep growing. Sharing is caring!

    Fashion de’luxe! Today I was looking for some ideas on Down Jackets (as I’m a partner in a clothing brand…will get back to that another day ). Google. Push. Search. Bang. My browser explodes with all kinds of wonderful inspiration. A couple of clicks later I’m reading this Frensch blogger on clothing that have posted […]

  • This weekend go shopping!

    For quite some time now I’ve been thinking about serving you all my favorite style tip. Don’t know why I haven’t taken the time but here we go. There’s a blog out there called the Sartorialist. What began as a way for Scott Schuman to share photos of people that he saw on the streets […]

  • Why am I blogging about the Dundee Old Ancient Tartan?

    Last week was hell of a week with sick children. Then when they’ve finally have come out of it I woke up this morning with a fever. Now after coming home from a bunch of meetings I felt I have to update the blog with something intelligent, something that will appeal to my audience, something […]

  • Rest in peace Yves

    One of the worlds greatest fashion icons Yves Saint Laurent died this Sunday in Paris at 71. Yves dominated much of 20th century fashion along with his contemporaries Coco Chanel and Christian Dior.  Rest in peace YSL, 1936-2008.