This weekend go shopping!

For quite some time now I’ve been thinking about serving you all my favorite style tip. Don’t know why I haven’t taken the time but here we go.
There’s a blog out there called the Sartorialist. What began as a way for Scott Schuman to share photos of people that he saw on the streets of New York that he thought looked great ended up being one of the worlds most influential style spotters.
The concept of the Sartorialist is simple yet genius. Basically it’s about spotting everyday people that look stunning, take their picture and publish it on the blog. And the concept has turned out to be a success. The Sartorialist has been featured in Vogue, Velvet, Style, and Esquire. Since some time back the blog has even earned Scott a monthly page in GQ. Last year his blog was also selected by Time Magazine as one of the worlds Top 100 design influencers.
Wow – that’s what a blog can do for you!
So, if you’re looking to shape up, follow the latest trends of simply eye some nice looking people. Put that rss from the Sartorialist into your reader. You won’t regret it (although your wallet might)



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