Finding your voice after keeping quiet. #Blogg100 here we go.

Fredrik Wass, Swedish blogger, freelancing journalist, thinker and speaker set out on a mission last year. He set out on a mission to write 100 blog posts in 100 days. He called the project #Blogg100. Already then he urged people to join in.
Now a year later he called out again and asked people to join him. Amazingly enough tons of Swedes decided to have a go and to be honest it’s not that strange. I guess there’s more people than me out there that partly see themselves as bloggers…but with a blog that has gone quiet. There has been many times lately when I’ve been opening my blog to write a post or two but out of some reason I haven’t pressed that publish button many times lately. It probably has something to do with time but that’s not all. Having written as many posts as I’ve done over the years creates a pressure of constantly writing something new and unique and once you put to much pressure on yourself the words doesn’t come easy. I think a fresh start can solve this and this is why I’m taking on the challenge.
From today (I’m actually one day late) (actually I’m not…I was to fast. I’m on time 😉 I’ll blog 100 posts the next 100 days. I’ll probably write most of them in English but then a couple in Swedish. In order to give myself a slow start I’ll consider this post nr 1 of 100. Some will be long posts and some will be short reflections. I hope they all will be worth reading!
See you tomorrow!