The Essentials Of Great Branding Building

There are tons of consultants (including myself) selling branding services around the world. Most tend to say (not including myself) that branding is complexed. A quick search on Google image search reveals tons of models. What if we look beyond those models and all those advices that often lead to heavy brand manuals that no one wants?
What is the core of great branding? Here’s my five cents:

1. Clarity

What are you about? Make sure that is clear to your audience either straight up or over time.

Carl Lagerfeldt and Lady Gaga knows great branding!
Clarity is about teaching your potential fans about what you are about and sticking to it. That doesn’t necessarily mean doing the same thing over and over. Stay exotic!

2. Consistency

Whatever you are, make sure you keep doing it over time.

Porsche knows great branding!
Great brands can be found quickly but can only be built over time. People argue Google is one of the most quickly built brands in the world. I beg to differ. It’s one of the most quickly globally acknowledged brands in the world but that doesn’t mean it’s a strong brand. Say Google out of some strange reason went bankrupt today. I don’t think there’s any value in the brand in 5 years time outside the business of search. Porsche on the other side – that’s been built over the last century – would stand the tests of time.

3. Excellence

And whatever you do. Deliver your brand values with excellence in EVERY part of the customer journey. (I’ve written a longer post on this before) If your brand values are quality – deliver the highest possible quality.

Apple knows great branding!
If your brand values are the opposite (say like Rent-A-Wreck) – deliver the opposite with the highest possible passion. It’s not about everyone being top notch quality in terms of design – it’s about being true to your brand and deliver that truth in the best possible way you can.
3 things. Get going!