In order to create something timeless you’ve gotta set Megagoals.

The Lamborghini Miura – A timeless car
What makes an object timeless? Why in some cases do we all end up liking something so much so it rises from being just another thing to instead becoming culture? Certain designs and certain objects has that little extra, they’re like an open fire – we can’t stop staring. And what’s even more strange is that often are these timeless objects simplistic, clean and not very complex in their structure. One would think we would grow tired of them but no, we grow more and more fond of them every year. One things for sure, it’s not about luck! 
Darth Vader – A timeless charachter

In order to create something timeless you’ve gotta set your goal right from the beginning. It has to be bolder, bigger, better, different from any goal that has been set up before. I call it Megagoals. Basically, you wanna be the best in the world.
Helvetica – A timeless font
Megagoals are set up by people and brands who strive to create something unique, something that will change their category, they don’t take no for an answer and their way of thinking is out of the box. On top of that they’ve got a strong sense that their idea is the right one, not matter what people say. Only by thinking like this can you change history and make your brand timeless.
The Concorde – A timeless aeroplane
If you wanna create timeless things – accept failure. Accept that you won’t always reach your goals, but the sheer fact of setting a goal 10 times higher than your competition will put you ahead of the pack and leave a mark that your grand children’s kids will tell people about.
The Eiffel tower – A timeless structure
So, think about your brand and your products. How can you create the next timeless object. The thing, the gadget, the icon and innovation that will define your brand for centuries to come?
Apple – A timeless brand
Whatever it is, make sure you aim to be 10 times better than the existing competition.
And hey, don’t come telling me that it’s a risk – that’s the price we pay for greatness!