I Just Want To Be Myself

Years ago I found myself staring at the wall above my desk. People outside my office ran by, stressed and eager to please their management, dressed by the code and walking the talk.
My employer at the time was a financial institute where I was hired as ‘Marketing Manager Internet Related Products’. Only three years earlier had I quit my career as a Snowboarding professional and here I found myself being quite an odd character in an environment consisting of people who thought more about how to get a raise than actually doing what they wanted. Grey. That’s how I would define that place.
I put my pen to a paper and wrote ‘I just want to be myself’ and then nailed it to that grey wall.

People stopped by my desk later that day and asked, “what?!” and I answered – I just want to be myself, do the things I love and pursue my passions in life. I don’t want to dress in a suit and tie just because that’s how your supposed to dress. I want to wear a suit cause I like it. That’s what its all about, staying ‘me’. Shortly after I left for a job with 1000€ less a month, no company car or other freebies. Just a fun job!

Stay true to yourselves
Now years later I’m here. I’m doing what I love every day. I’m pursuing my passions. I’m working with great people, great clients and I control every minute of my day.
People who know me from way back don’t really understand what I do for a living. Even members of my family can’t really explain to other people what I actually do. When my kids ask me “Dad, what do you do for a living” even I have a hard time explaining. My answer is – “I’m drawing things, making up stories, create ideas, solve problems, teach people about the future and I’m having fun while doing it”.
I’ll never grow old. I’ll never stop being curious. I’ll never stop loving what I do. I’ll never stop being me.
That’s my promise. To myself.
What’s your promise, from personal or a brand point of view?