Think it's about winning? Think again!

People struggle to get ahead of people. In sports, at work, in business, in school and everywhere else. But don’t bother. Life isn’t about winning or getting ahead of people. Life is about evolving and getting better at things, not in comparison of others but in comparison of yourself. But, don’t aim to win. Mastering something might lead to winning. But to do something only to win is the wrong incitament. You can win in many ways. But master something is different. It’s about truly learning something. More importantly, it’s about learning something in line with your own expectations. Not anyone else’s.
If you put your energy into learning new things, getting better at the things you love to do and constantly evolving. The reward is given to you every day. Pick up a new language. Learn to code. Master a new sport. Explore places you’ve never been to. Socialise with people you’ve never met before. Learn about technology. Pick up a new hobby. Anything will do, but don’t settle for status quo. Standing still has never gotten anyone anywhere. You’ll do tons of mistakes on the way but as a mentor of mine once said – better to really fuck up ten times and learn from it than not giving it a try at all.
The energy that flows from people who do things is shining brightly. Companies will pay for your knowledge. People want to work with you. Your network will grow and you will prosper!