Now I Need Your Help!

I believe in the saying – ‘Sharing is caring’ and most of the post on this blog is about just that. Trying to get my head around things that could help brands and companies to outperform themselves. Now I need to cash in some of that sharing and the currency is cudos – your vote!

Vote for in Swedish YABA Awards

This blog has been nominated in ‘Trend’ (I was awarded in more categories but they didn’t allow that which is kind of typically Swedish) category in Swedish Yet Another Blog Award. Please lay your vote on me by heading over the place where you vote for Blog of Ronnestam. Vote now and help yourselves in terms of securing a white leather lounge chair in heaven once you die. (or at least a fluffy cloud to lie down on)

Vote here in case you missed the link

Gratefully Yours!
Johan Ronnestam