How much responsibility should a brand like Nordiska Kompaniet have?

In Sweden our finest shopping mall is called NK or Nordiska Kompaniet. NK was founded in 1902 by Josef Sachs and his ambition was to bring together the finest merchandise in the world under one roof. This vision still stands.
I today’s morning paper (yep I still read them) this ad below advertised high fashion by Henry Cotton’s. It shows a group of young successful preppy youngsters celebrating a good days hunting. At least it looks that way. The walls are covered by stuffed animals out of Africa.
Of course I get the whole idea behind this ad. And the positioning probably is right in some ways. But hey! This, to me, is advertising from the stone age. In my world this is totally inappropriate and stands for something I think we shouldn’t have to stand in Sweden. The whole idea behind getting on a plane to Africa with the sole purpose of shooting animals that you cannot shoot back home in your on country disgusts me. And don’t get me wrong cause I don’t have anything against hunting if it’s about shooting one animal in order to get food. But shooting tens or even hundreds just for the sake of it…stupid people.
So, the question is – What does this ad do in my morning paper and why does NK let it pass? The answer is probably that NK doesn’t even know that it was place there but that doesn’t mean the shouldn’t. My guess is that NK would never let a shop inside their warehouse cover their walls with stuffed animals so why should they do that here?
Brands that want to stay on top of their competition has to take responsibility and also have a sustainability policy. They have to ask themselves two questions – How can we make the world a better place and how do we preserve it for the generations to come. Have a look at Google policies or their environmental approach below for example.

Everything that has the NK name on it should reflect their vision, their business and their way of being. They have to get a process in place so that they can avoid these kind of ads and they have to state their sustainability policy out loud. This is what modern brands do and NK should stay modern not historical. Base your brand on history but adapt to the future.
NK snap up cause I do like you!
Finally – I get that there are no Elephants, Rhinos, Lions or other big game animals in this ad. But that doesn’t make the ad better. The concept is totally inappropriate on a Swedish market. Maybe people in England, USA or China doesn’t agree but they should!