You won!

Let me tell you how you felt yesterday evening around 5PM in Stockholm, Sweden.
Around 5pm you were all sitting on front row in the Swedish theater Rival where the nice people over at Daytona had reserved a seat for you. Along with another 49 nominees and about 500 in the audience you first listened to a great speech by Morris Packer, nothing revolutionary but what a show. Morris earned some extra cred for using Prezi instead of Powerpoint or Keynote. Then came Katarina Graffman from Inculture and delivered insights on youth culture based on ethnographic fieldwork. Very insightful and very true. Not a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Now the time had come to award the best marketing blogs in Sweden, the Yaba Award and you were all nominated. 3568 people had taken their time to vote. Time for the first category, Trend & Internet – and the winner is YOU. daytona_sessions_ronnestam
Suddenly you’re nervous and the stage is yours. A couple of questions later you’re leaving the stage with flowers and a damn nice statue made of glass.

Then came category nr two – Media. This time the winner was Same Same but different, well worth it. Category three – Marketing. And the winners is…ah, you’re second. Please Copy Me sprinted and won with a margin of 31 votes. In your head you sum up the competition. 3568 votes and you received 281 + 278 of those votes. That’s 559 votes, more than 15% of all the votes. Humble, moved, happy and ready to party. It was YOUR day! – Thank you! The evening was of course broadcasted live using Bambuser.