How To Win And Keep A Client

Winning clients is hard. Keeping them over time is even harder. Many of you might read this blog in order to do just that – win and keep clients. Then let me share my point of view on the subject.

How to hit your target

Innovation is what awards you with new accounts.

This is key. If your in a pitch situation you will not win by simply telling the client about your process, thoughts on strategy etc. The client have decided to try new blood and that means he/she wants just that – new blood. You will win clients by showing your ideas innovates their business. If you truly make a difference for your clients you’ll see that they’ll award you with more budgets, more projects and more freedom than they themselves thought was possible. Process is nice but it’s just a need to have.

Strategy and process keeps you on track

Keeping them is more about making sure you deliver on strategy and on time. Never forget to make sure your on track. Are you making a different for your client or for yourselves. Never stop pushing the limits but push the right ones! Make sure you got your processes (and of course the people) wired to do just that.

Heaven or hell – relation is the shit!

Ultimately however relation is key. Nurture your relations and your future is bright – just like any old marriage. Wine and dine. Play and have fun. Smile a lot. Open doors and pull out chairs. Finally remember – You and the client both want great results  – you might as well have fun while doing it!
Go win – but remember the ‘keep’!