Why You Should Wait To Use Facebook Email

Yesterday Facebook mail was launched here in Sweden and it’s been said it’ll be a game changer. This morning I had to give it a go. After all, if I’m supposed to use it in one way or another it’s good to know how it works…or not works. After a quick analysis I’d say – not works.

I wrote an email to myself and waited

How Does Facebook Mail Work?

Send mail to Facebook – Check
1. The good part ›› I wrote a short mail to myself (ronnestamATfacebookDOTcom) that included some of the typical things you might do with mail.

The mail I sent to Facebook. Included most typical ways you can format an email + some specials such as specific fonts and CSS styling.
Then pushed the send button and waited. This was the impressing part.

3 seconds to reach my inbox
The red little notifier lit up in 3 seconds after the mail left my computer. Impressing push technology! Mail received. Check.
How did Facebook mail handle my content and formatting? – Not check…
2. The bad part ›› None of the mail formatting was included in the mail. Not even the bullet list. Even worse was the fact that it removed parts of the mail that was CSS formatted. Even stranger was the fact that it removed content close (look at my phone number) to CSS formatting. The image that I included was nowhere to be seen.

The same mail as above but ripped of both content and formatting.

Conclusion. Facebook mail. Nothing but text.

Nothing but raw text. To be honest I even think it’s scary to use since I don’t know at all what reaches my friends. To me this means we won’t see Facebook killing that dear old email of ours for some time.
Have a great Sunday!