How to kick start a viral

There’s a lot of talk about viral marketing and especially YouTube video virals. Brands and agencies seems to think that viral marketing is a viable marketing method. It COULD be. But it might just as well FAIL big time. Of course it depends on the actual video but many great virals have been doomed to no viewers at all simply due to the fact that people don’t even spot them.
Every minute there’s 13 hours! of videos uploaded to YouTube. That’s the equivalent of Hollywood releasing more than 57,000 full-length movies every week according to Click for Nick. So, think of viral marketing via YouTube as an alternative strategy that might just kick off, but may also disappear into eternity without anyone noticing it.
Ford however, they’ve sort of gotten themselves a guarantee for viral spread. First, it a very good TVC from a brand that is boring, anti-personal and not so sexy. Suddenly this TVC proves the opposite. But more important, they’ve actually included people from all around their company. There’s one fantastic scene where all workers at the Ford factory sings along while eating their lunch in the Ford cantina.

Probably someone has told all employees to become part of this TVC and then distributed it to each and everyone. The effect? Well, for starters almost 100 000 employees will send the video to friends and family to show them the TVC the were involved in. Given that this has happened then it’s not a coincidence the video is already up there among the most viewed videos on YouTube this week. And it’s only been running for 7 days.
Crowd is the currency of tomorrow!



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