I Spent The Weekend On An Island And Challenged My Fears

Yesterday I got back from a fantastic weekend spent on the island of Tjärö, Sweden. Together with another 400 people I took part in something called the Sweden Social Web Camp (SSWC 2010).
This morning Swedish TV channel TV4 broadcasted a report made by Lisah Pettersson aka @JournalistLisah featuring a short comment by me.

Thanks Dr Spinn for guiding me towards this clip
Part from sharing knowledge the SSWC is also about party. And late the first night I found myself in the bar with my good friend Mattias Östmar. We both spoke about what makes you change things in your life and how you can make that happen. As we chatted away I mention I’d always wanted to jump of a high cliff into water. I’ve never had a problem dropping down a cliff with skis or snowboard but landing in water has always scared me. Seconds later we posted an announcement on a wall saying “Jump the cliff of death at 5 pm tomorrow – join us” and then signed it with our names.
This is how you accomplish your goals. Not only store them in a private room inside your brain. Tell people about what you wanna accomplish and make sure to set a date. Otherwise you’ll end up dying with a brain full of shit. Cause trust me, dreams do rot!
As the evening closed in 5 people had signed up to jump. Something stopped two of them from coming but a forth guy turned up in the last minute. Heidi Harman led us in the right direction. Then I followed. Mattias Östmar not far behind and finally Tobias Basilius left the cliff last. What a kick!

Martin Källström, CEO of Twingly held the camera and Robin Danehav brought the ‘pair of scissors’
Whatever you do in 2011. Make sure you join us on Tjärö, cause if nothing out of the ordinary happens I trust Thomas Wennström and Kristin Heinonen will arrange yet another killer conference.