Football Freestyle SM has come to an end

Let me tell you about our latest campaign for Stadium. This fall we were challenged by Stadium (Sweden largest sports retailer) to create an online campaign for the Swedish championships in Football Freestyle. 
This project is extra dear to me as Stadium really listened and we got them to try social media in the way I think it should be used.
The brief was to create an online plattform where kids could view movies from the events around Sweden and then upload their own movie to compete in a web based competition aside from the ones taking place offline.
Our solution was to create a WordPress based website with all the plugins you should stick in there to gain maximum SEO performance. We then used a YouTube channel to host the videos instead of putting them on Stadium’s servers. Flickr provided us with the gallery functionality. A Facebook group was dynamically updated as the competition went along. Last but not least we set up a Yahoo Live account for Stadium where they could broadcast all the events live online.
The result was a cost effective campaign that was spread far outside the website itself. Stadium didn’t put any money into media but thanks to social media the campaign found it’s way outside their own domains. A cool thing was to see kids commenting the campaign in the online place of their choice…not one single site. The fact that a movie published on the site was shown in 2 more place that ultimately lead to 3-10 times more viewers was a great result.
I look forward to try something like this again with support of external media investments and integration into traditional media would most definitely create a great effect.