2009 The year of the positive communication

Following my earlier post today I just gotta tell you about a gut feeling I have. It’s about positivism, happiness, being nice to one another, spreading the love.
For a couple of years now newspaper have reported more and more on peoples misery. TV channels has been all about putting 4 people on the line, voting two out of the game while laughing at them. MTV is about fights, violence, almost getting killed, people getting hurt. We’ve been through some horrible years in the world where people have been getting killed in wars, huge catastrophes, terrorism and plain evil deeds where people beat, rape and kill other people and even kids. On top of this it seems that the whole world have is facing a couple of years in the economical freezer.
The other day I started thinking about this and I was quite fed up with the whole thing. Then it hit me. We’re at the end of it all. People you talk to about this are all tired of the whole thing. It’s time for something good. Something to look forward to. Something that brings people together.
My prediction is that starting in 2009 we’ll see more of the positive things in life when it comes to communication. Lighter colors, beautiful music, fun stuff, a lightful tone of voice, touching communication, a smile on your face and a warm heart.
2009 will be the year when things starts to change. Let’s say hello instead of fuck off. If you think I’m wrong. Then have a look at this video featuring a little baby from Gotland Sweden. 63 million people can’t be wrong – we all want happiness.