It's Friday and I've popped a bottle of Old Rowley from The Islanders Estate

Not everything is about communication. Wine is important to. Good wine even more so.
So, I’m at home making meatballs with pasta for my youngest daughter Ebba and I’ve popped a bottle of Red Wine that I bought of a wine club online. And what a wine. The smell, the taste and the pure look of it made me go…gotta post this on my blog.
So, it’s a bottle from The Islanders Estate Wineyard in Australia. The wine is called Old Rowley and is based on the grape Grenache. On the Islanders site they state “Initial aromas of spice like white pepper and thyme followed by roasted aromas of cocoa mixed with stewed red fruit flavours resulting from carbonic maceration.”
It exactly that! I can really recommend this one.
It retails for SEK 200:- (€20) and can be ordered in Sweden here. Outside Sweden, I don’t have a clue but visit The Islanders Estate for more information.
Have a nice weekend 🙂