The US election will be won with small collectibles and online strategy

When I opened my mailbox this morning yet another mail from the Barack Obama campaign machinery had landed. The header read: Deadline tomorrow: Your Car Magnet. Quirky enough to make me wonder what it was all about.
I opened the mail and read: “I can tell you right now who’s going to win this election — the campaign that steps up its ground game in the final days.” and then it ended “We have to make our final, tough decisions about where to fight and how strong we can make our team. And those choices will depend on the financial resources we have tomorrow at midnight.”
Don’t you just love how the US election is about about communication? The next president of the United States will not be elected based on his political opinions but instead advertising and communication. And digital communication will crucial since there’s a whole new generation out there that can only be reached through that medium.