It's all about a warm feeling

TBWA New York has created some wonderful TVC’s for Skittles. Last year, the Skittles Leak commercial above first caught my eye. I doesn’t really do anything else but leave a constant 2° raised body temperature. It makes me warm.
When visiting Adhunt today, I found another one where this guy milks himself with a milk machine. A wonderful little piece.

What’s great with both these commercials is that, just like the Cadbury Gorilla, or the Swedish Elon mannen, they focus on connecting the brand and product with a great feeling. Many clients/agencies probably think that they’re not relevant for the brand since there’s no real message, but I strongly object to that. In a world where we are covered with ‘relevant’ information and negative news every day I think it’s more important than ever to find that brand essence and then turn that into dramatized emotions. Positive of course in most cases.
Create communication that leaves a smile, not a laughter on the face of your viewers. Anyone can make people laugh. I mean one of those smiles that break out slowly, makes you warm. If it’s really good you’ll tell your friends about it. If it’s great, you’ll end up thinking of it once every now and then with that warm smile as a reminder of the feeling you had when you were ‘exposed’ the first time.
I think the above is true for all media, not only TVC. However, when it comes to digital, it’s so much more complex since technology, usability and a ton of other factors play a part. It’s still about a positive feeling though.