A short story about love

First, I’m going to find out what she’s like. I’m gonna spend time with her, or around her since I actually don’t know her. What food does she like, white or red wine, does she like fashion, music – what kind of music? Is she into sports and if so, which sport. If not, why? When she walks like that, with her face slightly smiling, eyes browsing the world – what is she thinking about? What’s the thing with that little tin box she carries around in her purse? Why doesn’t she get of on the right station on her way to work? Does she like to walk or is it only about exercise? She speaks with a quiet voice – why? Why, why, why. I want all the answers.
Once I know this I’m going to change. I’m going to cut my hair. Dress differently. I’ll stop drinking and only eat carrots. My car has to go. Can I buy a bike instead? Switch career. Mountain biking has never been my thing, but I bought one today. Birds and an aquarium. I’ll talk differently and learn french too. I’ll start going to museums. Buy art. I’ll start a foundation that save whales. I’ll do everything that needs to be done – for her.
She won’t see me at first since I’m afraid of scaring her away. I’m in it for the long run. But sooner or later she’ll wonder who that guy is who always eats the ecological pasta in her favorite restaurant. Once she’s spotted me I’m going to say hi. Speak to her. We’ll talk about food, fashion, music, sport, cars and especially tin boxes.
She’s falling in love. I can feel it. That man on her favorite restaurant is her perfect match. She’ll make sure to be there on the same time every week. And I am there every week too. We talk more.
Would you like to go to the movies one night?
Yes. She says.
We go. We walk together. She’s smiling like always. I’m smiling too. We talk. We see a movie we both like.
I love you she says.
I love you.
Years go by. I find myself forgetting what she looks like. She doesn’t walk and smile anymore. I can’t remember what she likes to eat. Her voice is everything but quiet. My hair has grown out again.
We divorce.
Later I find out that she is in a new relation with a new man. He does everything that I don’t do for her. And I also learn that she’s not like before.
She changed.
I didn’t
We drifted apart just like brands drift apart from their target group, their behavior, what they enjoy, what kind of references in life they have. How and where they consume communication.
Brands, like people, seem to think change is hard. Its not. Just do something today that you haven’t done before. If you fail, try tomorrow again.
Don’t drift apart. Change.