Next year I'll be better!

This post starts with a Thank you! Last year my blog had 48180 unique visitors (and over 130000 visits). I’m honored! 
I’ve always been amazed with stadiums. You line up in a que and then you walk up a flight of stairs. A couple of steps later you’re with 50000 people. How did they all get there. What drives them all to visit the same place at the same time. Passion? 
Judging from my statistics, about 37% found the wrong stadium. But the other 63% seem to have found my very own stadium due to my passion for innovative communication and advertising.
My promise to you all – in 2009:

  • I’ll write better posts
  • I’ll learn better english
  • I’ll network with more people online
  • I’ll write a book and give it away for free to my blog readers
  • I’ll visit more events and report live
  • I’ll fill at least two New Yankee York stadiums
  • I’ll stay me!