Tap into the brain of 9 great planners with the help of Leon Phang

Sometimes I get everyday comments and sometimes I get smart and insightful ones (although I might not always agree). The later kind is not seldom served by Leon Phang – Account Planner over at Jung von Matt Sweden (one of the few agencies in Sweden that get it) and blogger on The Planning Lab.
Today I want to send you all over to Leons blog and his series of interviews with what he calls ‘next-generation planners’. Leon asked 9 of these ‘next gen’ planners one simple question: What’s your best advice for the next-generation of young and ambitious planners? and as of today he has published all 9 interviews.
I personally don’t know them all but I do have the greatest respect for some of them, Russel Davies (visit his blog too) being the most interesting one in my book.
If anything you should be impressed by the fact that Leon has managed to interview them all. Great job!
Go visit Leons blog and drink the elixir we call knowledge.