Monkeyfy your brand!

Remember that first slide of yours?
Ever tried an iPhone? When you first did, did you have to read the manual? Nope cause Apple builds their stuff for the monkey brain we’re equipped with. It was configured some 65 million years ago and it’s worked more or less worked the same ever since.
We’re living in times where technology is becoming a part of everything we do. We have less and less time to do things. We can choose between millions and millons of brands.
So whatever you produce, whatever your brand does, build your stuff for monkeys!

Here are 10 rules to follow when monkeyfying your brand:

  1. If a kid aged 7 years cant understand how to use your product or service then neither will I.
  2. If something needs to be complex. Make it fun to use.
  3. Bigger type and bigger buttons.
  4. Use common sense when writing copy. I don’t want to spend time figuring out what you mean.
  5. Create stuff we’ve never seen but make sure we know how to use it.
  6. Make sure your marketeers understands the human brain. Neuroscience is the shit!
  7. Don’t rely on customer surveys. Rely on customer behaviour.
  8. If you can’t explain what your product is all about in one sentence then your potential customer will probably not get it either.
  9. Who the hell wants to read an instruction book?
  10. Less is more