Why am I blogging when I’m not making any money of it…or am I?

I attended a thing called the Blogger Meetup at SIME today where we all had informal session with Kris Hoet, Joi Ito, Tom Crampton, Dave Sifry, Nico Luma and Bob Stumpel. The talk was mostly why people were blogging, how blogging would evolve in the future and how to make money off it. Absolutely one of the better takeouts from this years SIME (so far) even though I think it could have been more of a meetup rather than a ‘listenup’.
It triggered a though. Why am I blogging?
I started blogging already back in 2002. But I only managed to publish a few post before I grew tired of it. I basically felt as I had nothing to say. It then took a couple of years before I started again. This time I wasn’t really sure what to write about either. But, after a couple of posts I found it that my blog was the perfect place to share my inspirations and thoughts. The actual time it takes to write a post and value if it’s important enough to share made it the perfect filter in terms of remembering things that I must save for a rainy day.
Back in 1997 I had a specific software that made it possible for me to save links and data I found important. The thing was that the database was soon filled with shit. It simply was to easy to just post things into that black hole of mine. Since then I’ve created folders on my computer, fantastic bookmark categorization systems and used tools like Del.icio.us. Every tool has sooner or later become impossible to find things in. The blog however has never failed me. If I think it’s important I’ll blog it.
Not making money ON my blog has always been a golden rule I don’t wanna break. I quite often get approached by companies that want me to blog about something or place links in specific posts or banners on the site. No. Always my answer – NO. Accepting money would question my integrity.
Do I make money OFF my blog? I certainly hope so! Obviously I do think that my blog helps position me as a modern communicator, an innovator and someone with quite an eye for what’s up in terms of communication and advertising. My blog is the perfect CV and company platform combined so to say.
So, to sum it up: My blog is my filter, it’s my competence and it’s the professional me.
What is your blog to you?
ps. See, I saved some great links, share some knowledge and had a nice time in the SIME bar.