The 10 Commandments Of Future Brands

There’s a couple of things I demand from brands that make it all the way into my life. It’s really not that hard. It’s just about being prepared to sacrifice your life for what you believe in!

A Tweaked Moses with the Ten Commandments by Philippe de Champaigne 1648 from Freechristimages

Here are the 10 commandments of future brands

1. State a higher cause.

People follow brands just like we follow other people. State your mission and you will have people following you. The higher the cause the higher the prize. We will buy your products and services but now we’re in it for something else. Something that will last. This way you’ll ensure we’ll get through the good times and the bad.

2. Impress us with your miracles.

Me and most people grow tired quickly. Constantly surprise us without loosing your soul. In every relationship it’s about surprising people while staying true to your cause, your soul. The same goes for brands. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll gain from innovation. As long as you remain the same old brand you can expect loyalty from us.

3. Bring a smile to our faces every time we meet.

Someone once said “Smiling is good for you” and I can’t do anything but agree. A smile is the gift of gods, never forget that!

4. Tell us stories.

We’re still the same old half monkeys that used to sit by the camp fire and tell stories. It’s in our blood. Start telling them to us and we’ll move into a state of hypnosis. Once we wake up it’s to late – we’re hooked.
And remember! We’re living in the viral times. Whatever kinda shit you put together. Make sure it got wings. If I wanna show you of to my friends. Equip me with a rocket, some gas and a box of matches. I’ll put the whole universe on fire for you if you let me.

5. Wearing your mark of excellence is our badge of identification.

You might think you’re taking risks while developing your product and services. But hey! Think about us. We might be wearing those pants of yours in front of our friends. I might be taking my girl out for a date in the car you’re making. You better make people go wow when they see us!

6. Be true to your heritage – and if you haven’t got any, start building.

10% of what I’m paying for is your product or service. 90% of it is authenticity. Where do you come from. What gives you the right to do what you do.

7. Treat every possible interaction with us as your last chance to impress us.

There’s simply no reason not to treat every single interaction point as extremely important. What does it all do and how does it support your brand. Every pen. Every business card. Every phone. Every print ad. Every website. Every invoice. Every press release. Every board member. Every TVC. Every event. Every point of sale interaction. Every form. Every coffee machine. Every sales person. EVERYTHING matters!

8. Don’t copy others – build your own religion.

I sort of like cats even though I spit three times when I see a black one crossing the roads. But I fuck’n hate copycats. People love people taking risks. Sometimes you will fall down hard. But falling down teaches you how to avoid falling down again. Never falling down won’t teach you anything! Earning followers is about making sacrifices.

9. Be passionate about what you do.

I wouldn’t expect anything else from someone I love. Would you?

10. Save the world as we know it!

Sustainability. It’s just something we all will expect from strong brands and leaders. Sooner than later.