Flash 10 on it's way

Adobe announced today that Flash 10 is on it’s way and a first beta is available of their site.
The new version of the more than 10 year old animation and rich media plugin will create new possibilities for both designers and coders.
From a first glance this morning the things that impresses me is the advanced text edit tool that among other things allows you to work better with asian characters plus support for typographic elements like ligatures.
  The other thing that seems great (although I really haven’t seen it in action yet) is that the creative features now available in Adobe Flash Player 10 beta won’t slow down performance,
Grant Skinner, CEO and chief architect of gskinner.com says: “With Flash Player 10 beta, developers can enable SWF content to render through the memory bandwidth and computational horsepower of the GPU hardware processor, freeing up the CPU to do more – such as render 3D content and intricate effects, and process complex business logic. No other browser runtime has these capabilities.”
Still missing
What I personally lack is that Adobe has yet not solved how to minimized the font weight if you’re using asian characters and the fact that they haven’t created a better way to link dynamic text directly into databases during the building process. This is one area where Microsoft Silverlight has already gained good terrain.
ReadWriteWeb made me spend an early morning looking into Flash 10.