Google Chrome, a new open source browser will be announced later this week

So, the next cool thing from Google is coming our way. Last week, rumors started to spread that something is up over at Google. A new cool thing is coming our way, but what?
My brain went wild. What can they possible launch now that they haven’t launched yet. A new OS? IPTV, Google Finances (something I miss in the apps suite)…but I never thought once about Google Chrome, a new open source browser based on Webkit. Since Firefox has grown quite popular and the latest release is actually very good I thought Google would keep their hands of that market. But once again, Google shows that they will continue to conquer every part of the web.

Buzz PR

What’s almost cooler than the actual browser (that is not launched yet) is the fact that Google started to Buzz PR their new browser in a quite innovative way – old fashioned cartoons.
Philipp Lenssen over at Google Blogoscoped was sent a comic book in his ordinary mail that explained the technical details into the Google Chrome projects. Philipp has written a nice post on the features of Chrome. He’s also been very nice and scanned the entire book and put it up here for you guys to read.
Nice PR trick