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  • Google Chrome, a new open source browser will be announced later this week

    So, the next cool thing from Google is coming our way. Last week, rumors started to spread that something is up over at Google. A new cool thing is coming our way, but what? My brain went wild. What can they possible launch now that they haven’t launched yet. A new OS? IPTV, Google Finances […]

  • 8,002,530 downloads when Firefox sets a new Guinness World Record

    It’s a quite impressive number. 8,002,530 people all over the world helped Mozilla in setting the Guinness World Record that they officially achieved the record for the “largest number of software downloads in 24 hours”.  Firefox now has over 180 million users in more than 230 countries! Congratulations from one of your users. (PR tip – of course, when they make an […]