GoPro on steroids. Getting your hands on a pair of Google Glass soon a reality

google-glasses-futureWould you wear a pair of these?
I got my first private mobile phone back in 1994. It was Nokia 2110, extremely small at that time. At that time you couldn’t get hold of wireless handsfree. Then a couple of years later I got my first Bluetooth enabled mobile. I can’t remember the brand but I do remember the first day I walked down a street in Stockholm and made a phone call on that thing. People looked at me suspiciously and I should probably be grateful that I didn’t end up in the nut house.
ronnestam-goproYours truly prepared for another run.
I can imagine that wearing a pair of Google Glasses will create the same effect x 10. I’m sure I’ll try a pair on as soon as I can. But I’m not certain we’ll see a whole lot of em’ the next couple of years. Making new technology stick is first and foremost about changing behaviour and making Google Glasses reaching a broader audience is about a whole lot of change. GoPro has broken through. They’ve managed to make people strap cameras to their body and record their life. It’s one step in this direction. But making people walk around and talk to their glasses? That’s taking it to another level.
That said, I can’t wait to get my hands on pair of these. Google Glasses ain’t the future. But Google Glasses definitely opens the door to the future. Information accessible everywhere.