Hello from St Anton and a comment on bringing technology into nature

Me looking into the camera on the top of Valluga before heading down an extrem run. 
Right now I’m spending four days in heaven. Together with some friends and I’m St Anton skiing some of Europe’s best powder. We got our two mountain guides with us and we’re exploring every part of the mountain. It’s the shit!

Sloppy filmning but some nice skiing from yesterday
As I’m hiking up the mountains and enjoying fantastic snow on the way down I’m struck be the amount of technology we’re bringing with us. Everyone has got their beeps strapped to their chests, shovels, probes in our backpacks and even walkie-talkies. We all carry cameras, iphones and four out of eight people has got a GoPro mounted on their helmet. Hiking bindings and skins makes the hikes easer. Some of us even wear watches that measures how many runs we’ve done and how much vertical we’ve collected over the day. When we reached the top yesterday and looked down on St Anton from the 2900 meter peak we all shared that moment instantly over Facebook, Instagram and other preferred sites.
Is this good or bad?
I don’t know about you, but for me, technology really ads a lot of value to experiencing the nature. Both in terms of actually getting me out there cause I really wanna try my gear out, but also the fact that I can instantly share the experience and also relive it afterwards.