How To Create A Great Ad For A Beer Brand? Easy! – You Don't!

So there you are. Heading a beer brand. You’ve turned into a ‘baldy’ since most of your hair has fallen off due to crazy competition, expensive media investments leading nowhere, a product that is older than your ancestors (I’m talking the ones that lived before we had bikes and shit). Now you want people to drink more of that golden product of yours. What do you do? Advertise? Hell no!

Easy. You stop that advertising stuff you’re doing and launch a product instead. As a matter of fact you launch a bag of crisp to complement your product. Smart as hell. This is exactly what the guys down under at Droga 5 Australia managed to convince beer brand Victoria Bitter to do.
Result then? Better brand visibility in-store very close to the actual beer buying decision. Double your revenues (if it tastes good that is) and on top of that – Salt. Yes, that white little thing that melts on your tongue and makes you crave more…you guessed!
Now there’s innovative advertising for ya!