Couldn't Have Said It Any Better Myself – Gary Vaynerchuk Throws It In Your Face

Today I pulled a gig together with homie Stefan Hyttfors, the founder of Wenderfalck. We were invited by Pfizer to shake things up and draw out some ideas on how to prepare for the future. Stefan painted the background and I mixed the colors. I think we did a good job?
Among other things I spoke about the importance of passion and providing people with some kind of value based on your knowledge. To paint that picture I told a story about – Gary Vaynerchuk the founder of WinelibraryTV. Then after the session Stefan tipped me about this video where Gary talks about personal branding at Web 2.0. What a speech!
My favorite qoute:

“Which tool should I use? All of them! Your user base, people that care about you – you need to connect to them – anyway you can, everywhere you can, as often as you can. That is essential!”

Now – enough with the text. Spend the next 15 minutes of your life learning why you should quit your job!

So, what are you waiting for?