If you like what I'm writing, let me have your vote.

Have you heard about YABA – Yet Another Blog Award? It’s a great initiative from one of Swedens best digital agency – Daytona. YABA awards three categories – Marketing, Media and Trend. The winner is choosen by the public – your vote counts.

Your vote matters

My blog – Blog of Ronnestam has been nominated in the two categories Marketing and Trend. And I’m extremely proud of that since I’m obviously in good company.
As of today the voting is open and if you want to give me a gift in 2009 it should be your vote! If you wanna give more, ask two colleagues at work to check my blog out and if they like it – make them vote…and so on.
I need your support since some of the other blog in the competitions are extremely well connected. 
Vote here (Note that they’ve put me up as Johan Ronnestam)
Inspired by Nikke Lindqvist who created an Obama inspired campaign image, I’ve decided to do one of my own.
Here it is.