Introducing Kidomatic without in-app purchase and Pop ABC Lower Case

AllNewKidoPOPABCThe latest collection of apps from JAJDO
Just before christmas last year my company JAJDO launched Kidomatic. It was our first app that featured in-app purchase. Kidomatic wasn’t one of those apps that let you buy things over and over again. We simple packaded 5 different cameras for kids into one app. However, lots of people has asked us if we can’t launch Kidomatic without in-app purchase. Said and done. Yesterday we pushed the launch button, not for one Kidomatic app but for 5 single Kidomatic apps. As from today you can get your hands on Kidomatic Original, Police, Monster, Princess and Christmas. We won’t stop here. Keep a look out for more Kidomatic Cameras within the next couple of weeks.
skinsStart to learn your ‘abc’ with Pop ABC Lower Case
But hey, we got more news! We’ve got tons of parents who’ve thanked us for the Pop ABC app that teaches kids how the letters of the alphabet look and sound. The first Pop ABC was launched with upper case letters. Yesterday we also launched Pop ABC with lower case letters.
You can get hold of ‘Pop ABC Lower Case‘ as well as Kidomatic OriginalPoliceMonsterPrincess and Christmas camera in an app store near you!
Now we’re getting started on a new app project. More apps coming soon 🙂