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  • Introducing Kidomatic without in-app purchase and Pop ABC Lower Case

    The latest collection of apps from JAJDO Just before christmas last year my company JAJDO launched Kidomatic. It was our first app that featured in-app purchase. Kidomatic wasn’t one of those apps that let you buy things over and over again. We simple packaded 5 different cameras for kids into one app. However, lots of […]

  • Proudly presents: Buildo Rescue from JAJDO

    Some of you probably know about my little venture called JAJDO. Together with Jonas Theder and Andreas Wålm I’ve set out to build an app factory. So far it’s a small factory and it’s taken some time to fine tune the assembly line but we’ve finally made it. Our first app is live in the […]

  • What are people doing online while you're reading this post

    A Tweet from Gary Hayes caught my eye this morning. I followed a link and found this wonderful social media counter. Gary has built and coded this app based on data collected from a range of social media sites. Sit tight and watch the thing start counting. After a couple of seconds you’ll grasp the […]