Microsoft Courier makes me go bananas – in a good way

Last week rumors started to surface regarding a new tablet about to be launched by Microsoft. The name was Courier and the rumor was a video containing a demonstration of the user interface. At first I thought it was more of an interface bonanza than an actual usable product.
But today I ran into yet another video, this time putting the Courier more into perspective of how it could be used for real. And let me tell you – I WANT THIS THING NOW!.

Courier User Interface from Gizmodo on Vimeo.
Isn’t it amazing. Microsoft has been all about Windows, Office and a whole lot of back end functions. Then suddenly they start putting the dollars behind innovation and new shit that makes you go wow. Slowly they’re turning their brand around. Apple better speed up their development of their rumored tablet or else we’ll turn to Microsoft! The war is on!
One last thing I want you all to note – we’re moving beyond OS and interfaces that are integrated over many platforms to instead having OS and interfaces that are optimized for every gadget. This will be the end of Windows Mobile as we know it.



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