Mobile + GPS + Camera + 3G + social networks = Live tagging

Richard Gatarski wrote on his blog earlier today about a new iPhone app called Sekai Camera. It’s so cool so I just had to spread the news.
The Sekai Camera was presented by TonchiDot on TechCrunch50 earlier in september. This new app makes it possible to combine online data with offline positions. Basically, if you turn the iPhone camera on you can start tagging GPS positions. A clean little user interface let’s you sort and view content on the live world the way you want it. This really shows what you can do with a mobile that is equipped with GPS, Motion sensors, camera, 3G connections. Most important however is the SDK that let’s people build whatever they want for the phone. I wrote a couple of month ago about Social Television. Some of you might have thought that that vision was far off? Well, now you see. Everything is possible.

Great. Finally you don’t need to wear a red rose when you’re on a blind date!



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