Surf's Up! Or…Are You Having Problems Getting Waved

You might be one of the lucky ones finding yourself logged into your brand new Google Wave account? Then you, just like me, might also think something must be wrong with you since you’re not getting what all the hype is about.
Google themselves has launched a couple of videos showcasing the possibilities with the Wave but now when it’s for real the tool just doesn’t live up to the promises. The video from Epipheo Studio might be a better alternative but it’s still just a short video raising expectations without really teaching you how to do stuff for real.

Don’t worry! Here comes The Complete Guide to Google Wave!

Gina Trapani and Adam Pash has launched The Complete Guide to Google Wave for free online. And soon you’ll be able to buy the PDF or a Book. I know I’ll mail one of those to my Kindle for sure.
The website features 10 sections and I especially like that they’ve also outlines what the Wave cannot do. This is according to my experience one of the main problems with many guides – you’re not getting the negatives. And usually when you don’t find the instructions to how something is done it’s due to the fact that it cannot be done, only no one tells you that so you keep searching for ever.
Lot’s of techie posts lately by the way. Soon I’ll switch to love and emotions!