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  • Vad var det jag sade – Årets Julklapp 2010 – En läsplatta.

    För nästan precis ett år sedan bloggade jag ut en spådom på Samesamebutdifferent som handlade om läsplattor och deras framtid. Rubriken var ‘Årets julklapp 2010 – vågar vi gissa på en läsplatta?’. Och idag, drygt ett år senare utsåg Handels Utredningsinstitut just läsplattan till årets julklapp 2010. Då för ett år sedan var det många […]

  • 10 Reasons Why The Screens Are Coming in 2010

    The Mobile Revolution. Have you heard that one before. Well, just when it’s about to happen thanks to the iPhone and the Android OS I’d like to launch a thought about the next revolution – ‘The Revolution of the Screens’. A couple of month back I got my Amazon Kindle. I blogged about the Microsoft […]

  • Why is the Amazon Kindle DX launched by a bookstore and not a leading media house?

    The Amazon Kindle DX with a 9.7″ screen was introduced earlier this week. Today more details came out from Engadget. It looks like million bucks and I love it. Apart from my personal feelings for the thin thing from the ‘jungle’ it also makes me think that we’re now getting closer than ever to a […]