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  • Helping The World Is Just a Couple of Keystrokes Away

    Who will you help today? Never forget that helping the world is just a click and a couple of keystrokes away. Visit any of the organisations below now and type away! Kiva (My personal choice today Р115$) Amnesty Red Cross Unicef WWF M̩decins Sans Fronti̬res Greenpeace Now get going!

  • Do something great this saturday morning!

    This morning I’ve spent some time on Kiva.com relending money to entrepreneurs across the globe. The last thing one is told to do is to introduce Kiva to my friends and by doing so help Kiva reach more entrepreneurs. Since I’ve got a blog with some traffic I thought I might as well paste the […]

  • This christmas. Lend your money to people in the developing world.

    I have just finished sending my christmas gifts. This year I’ve skipped the Porsches and the Learjets. Instead I registered an account on Kiva.org. Apart from a loan to Ms Chhum Sreng I’ve bought loads of gift certificates. These ones became the perfect christmas gift. Kiva, that I found on Jardenberg.se is the world’s first […]