Thank you Instagram. Here are 21 personal favorites from my own feed.

first-pcitureMy first ever photo published on Instagram June 11th, 2011
I’d like to use todays blogpost to thank the team behind Instagram. I posted my first photo on Instagram June 11th, 2011 about a year after they launched the service. I had taken a look at it earlier but didn’t really have the energy to start posting at the time. Little did I know at that time that Instagram soon would change how I thought about photography.
When I first started using Instagram I did what most people would do, I started to follow people and posted a couple of images. But soon people started to follow me back and suddenly something changed how I thought about photography. The fact that I had followers on made me think twice before I pushed a photo to my feed. Using Instagram is sort of like hanging your photos on a wall for everyone to see. I guess it’s like having a constant photo exhibition that just goes on and on.
Since my first photo back in 2011 I’ve published 643 photos. I follow 276 accounts and in return I’ve got 939 people following me. I’ve geotagged 93% of all my photos. 6,640 likes later I’m still passionately in love with Instagram. When I look back at my feed I also look back on a personal development. Today I want to share my 21 personal favorites from my personal Instagram feed. Oh, and feel free to follow me on Instagram. My nick is @ronnestam. Here we go!
My 21 favorite Instagram photos from my feed in no specific order.
walking-stHiking in St Anton
tokyo-subwayThree commuters in Tokyo, Japan.
tokyo-parkThe view from my hotel in Tokyo, Japan.
surfaceTransparent ocean in Tylösand, Sweden.
approachFinal approach on Union Island, West Indies.
knifeMy daughter Linn and a knife to cut the cake.
moonThe moon shot through a pair of binoculars.
nature-swimMy daughter Ebba celebrating summer.
piggelinA lost Piggelin ice cream.
skate-johanMe skateboarding in Hossegor, France.
kid-happyA Tiger called Linn.
japanMy shoes in Electric Town, Tokyo.
hyptocryptoMy Hypto Crypto board. Fins on in Easky, Ireland.
handsEbbas hands.
france-bordeauxPeople riding a bike in Bordeaux, France.
crossA cemetery outside Easky, Ireland.
bryggaA special day. A special photo.
dead-browA dead and half eaten Magpie.
boatA boat made to sail on ice.
Surf-ronnestamSurfers waiting to enter the 9° water at Torö, Stockholm in October.
bathing-beachEbba walking in water.
Thank you Instagram for making me save glimpses of my life!



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