The checkbox model for monetizing your web applications business online

Whatever you do online, make sure you provide a value that is relevant to people who might want to use your service. By doing so you’ll generate more traffic, more buzz and finally a higher SEO ranking.
Box UK, a web consultancy agency, are living by this simple rule. The blog on their website is filled with ideas on how to succeed with your online presence. The old school marketing generation would say their giving their competence away. I beg to differ. One of the problem when it comes to digital communication is the competence on the buying side. Most brands won’t buy what they don’t understand. So either you lower yourselves to their level or educate them and thereby also provide a value.
One of Box latest post is an excellent one. It’s called ‘Monetizing your Web App: Business Model Options’.
Box has listed what they believe are the most successful ways to generate money from web applications. They’ve then taken their own list of possibilities and analyzed Webware 100 Top Web Apps for 2008. The conclusion then becomes a great check box model for monetizing your web apps.
The chart above shows the results of their survey: 34% use Advertising, 12% a Variable Subscription model, and 8% each for Virtual Products (typically digital downloads), Related Products (typically a large software company offering a free product to attract you to their platform) and Pay-Per-Use.
So, the question is. Do you wanna challenge the leaders within advertising financed sector or maybe penetrate the not yet so exploited areas?

  • They’ve provided their visitors with a great relevant value that will drive traffic, generate comments and create positive SEO effects.
  • Kevin Kelly, one of the worlds most respected digital gurus then picked it up.
  • Then it’s spread all over the world and I among many other will talk about it.
  • We all then drive trafic back to BOX.

Thanks Box for a great post!