Think People Will Read About Your Service? Think Again!

Time is precious. Don’t you agree? For example if I spend to much time here going on about this and that you’re gonna start to think ‘what the heck, get to the point you #%*#’er. So, I’m not gonna spend to much of your time.
Instead. Have a look at these 5 demo videos and think about your own products and services. Are you doing your best to make sure people learn about your product in seconds, not minutes? (Also – one of the guys below is sort of a superstar of demo videos. When will we have some of that in Sweden?)

First up – The tour of music service SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a platform that takes the hassle out of receiving, sending & distributing music for artists, record labels & other music professionals.

I love how the speaker voice starts up by clearly letting you know that you’ll spend 3 minutes learning about their service. And while she does so you also get visual guidance what it’s all about. On top of that it’s graphically beautiful with a creative twist.

Second example – Square

The idea behind Square is simple. Accept payments by credit cards everywhere by only using a mobile device and a card reader.

This is my personal favorite right now when it comes to demo videos. Clean, smooth, creative yet extremely rational. Watch closely as Adam Lisagor aka @lonelysandwich, the superstar of demo videos show you once again in slow motion how to swipe that card of yours.

Third – Things for the Ipad

Things is according to some people the ultimate To-Do list tool. Available for the iPhone, the iPad and your Mac.

This little beauty isn’t even a minute long. As a matter of fact it’s only a teaser for the iPad app. However I think it’s worth showing here cause it actually makes you get the whole idea in 34 seconds. Impressive.

Fourth example – Flipboard

Flipboard is a social magazine for your iPad. It’s definitely one of the apps that have changed my behaviour in terms of how I read information fed from my Twitter and Facebook account. If you’ve got an iPad and haven’t got this app yet. Go go go!

And yes. You got that right. It’s Adam Lisagor who’s back again. This time even more laid back. I do like the Square video better but isn’t it pretty cool how he actually makes you listen better once you’ve seen him before. As I said before – when do we get our first demo-superstar of Sweden?

Last but not least, the fifth example – Google Gmail Priority Mail

As fresh as they come. Google launched this video yesterday showcasing a new service called priority mail. Priority Inbox is a new view of your inbox that automatically helps you focus on your most important messages

The music combined with simple animations and certain keywords really pull you through this + 6 minute video. The case with the Google demo videos is that they a often little bit tooo long. But I thing this one did the job anyway and definitely worth having in this line up.
Ok, so there we have it. I hope you’ve stop thinking about press releases measured it words and letters. Go simple. And remember – on brand!



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