Twitter is turning green for the people of Iran

The image you’re looking at above is my first page on Twitter when searching for the #iranelection. Notice the fact that a lot of those avatars have turned green? That’s the Twitter way of saying we support your fight for freedom! Sites like HelpIranElection and IranGreenThumbnails help you color yours. CreativeBits provide a set of icons that let’s you show your colors.
Twitter icons over at CreativeBits
On top of this TED rushed out a speech and an interview with NYU professor Clay Shirky who earlier this year revealed how cellphones, the web, Facebook and Twitter had changed the rules of the game, allowing ordinary citizens extraordinary new powers to impact real-world events.

Since the Iran election last week the ‘hash’ tag #iranelection has been the trending twitter and it doesn’t seem to loose it’s grip. People all over the world are showing their support and as the Iranian government is shutting down all information sources Twitter and a few other social networks remain the single place for information to sip in and out. Hackers from around the world (and Sweden) struggle to break down the IP wall defense and thereby free information.
We, the citizens of the NET come together once again for something outside our own country, continent or part of the world. We don’t care about borders, race, religion, culture or other differences. We only care about what’s right and wrong and we’re prepared to help to change it.
So, what are you waiting for? Spread the news.



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