18 rules the best web developers follow and another 2

As I’m sitting listening to people on stage talking about viral communication a great post flips by in my RSS reader. The post talks about 18 rules that the best web developers follow. The list is a great compilation of what’s important. Still I’d like to ad two rules. 
Hey, before you read – feel free to comment and ad your own ones. Let’s write a new bible on web development.
19. Implement atomization where ever possible.
Make sure that whenever you post things on your website, make sure it spreads out through RSS feeds, ping mashups, post information to the cloud and onto social networks. And also make use of potential ways to snap content from the web that is related to your business. Yahoo Pipes or Tarpipe can make the difference for you.
20. Don’t underestimate copy. 
Involve a copywriter early in the process. Copy can make the difference between a site that delivers on target or not.
Here’s the original list. And make sure you head over to the original post as they have elaborated on each and every bullet.
1. Don’t push information on your visitors.
2. Poor advertising is evil.
3. Be a source of information.
4. Develop your own style.
5. Obey the standards.
6. Be clear.
7. Use Internet Explorer as a baseline.
8. Content is king.
9. Web-crawlers and SEO should be an afterthought.
10. Share content naturally, don’t spam.
11. Answer your e-mails immediately.
12. Engage in Social Media.
13. Make connections, and nurture relationships.
14. Take advantage of the “worldwide” web.
15. Build sites for “users”, not the site “owner”.
16. Always keep learning.
17. Find inspirational resources for creativity.
18. Beautify the Web.