After 3D comes 4D

A couple of month ago I received my Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. Even though I’ve been speaking about the revolution 3D printing presents one can not really understand the impact of 3D printing before you actually have a 3D printer at home. My first prints were a couple of toys for my kids inspired by the classic game Space Invaders. However, technology moves fast. When 3D printing is just about to become known to the public 4D printing…makes an entrance.

It’s the scientists over at MIT once again that are moving things into the future. At the TED conference in Los Angeles, architect and computer scientist Skylar Tibbits showed how the process allows objects to self-assemble. Basically he showcased how you could order a chair from your favorite furniture company and it would be sent in a flat package only to self-assemble. You heard it right! Self assemble!

So, as always. You thought you had an idea about the future but it turned out someone else had another plan.



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